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Monday, 27 January 2014

Zentangle (reg'd)

Ok. I recently discovered something called Zentangle (reg'd) which was created by Rick Roberts and Marie Thomas. I didn't exactly know what it was but it saved my sanity. It is relaxing and meditative great for anxiety, stress, lowering your blood pressure and saving the rest of my family from a crazy woman. Zentangle (reg'd) is a method of producing art one stroke at a time using paper and a pen. It is one line at a time, with purpose and best of all NO Mistakes. Yep you cannot make a mistake. Great.

I love this thing called tangling. It reminds me of doodling just drawing a pattern or colouring something in in a repetitious and calming way. Not exactly concentrating on what your doing but feeling great while your doing it. I love this so much I have decided to give lessons and do workshops and share it with other people.

Some of my work is here for you to see and if you go to or you can see other peoples work and more about Zentangle.

Zenatngle (reg'd) is meditative and addictive give it a try.

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